Yushin America

Project Description

When it comes to industrial web design, Sharp Guys Web Design, a leading digital marketing agency, has a reputation for delivering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client. One such project was for Yushin America, a major player in the plastics molding industry, known for their exceptional robotic technology.

Yushin America approached Sharp Guys with a clear vision for their website – they needed a platform that could be easily updated and would effectively showcase their remarkable robots. As a company recognized for their cutting-edge technology, it was vital that their website reflected this level of innovation and professionalism.

From the onset, the Sharp Guys team was captivated by the challenge. We immediately envisioned a design that would include a video on the landing page, offering visitors an immediate glimpse into Yushin’s prowess in robotics. This visual representation would not just capture attention, but also communicate Yushin’s technical knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in an impactful manner.

The task was not without its challenges, however. Yushin’s existing website was entirely custom built, which meant that there was no easy way to automatically migrate all the content to a new platform. As a solution, the Sharp Guys team decided to rebuild the website page by page. While this approach was time-intensive, it provided us with maximum control over each interior page. This meticulous approach allowed us to ensure that each page was designed with care and, crucially, was easy for the Yushin team to update in the future.

In line with our expertise in responsive web design, we integrated the web forms with Yushin’s CRM and email marketing software. This seamless integration ensured that each form filled out was automatically routed correctly, eliminating the need for manual re-entry. This streamlined process is an example of how digital marketing strategies can enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

Given the age and reputation of Yushin’s existing website, it was crucial to preserve its standing with search engines like Google. The website had hundreds of indexed pages, and we understood the importance of maintaining the website’s visibility during the transition. Therefore, we took care of setting up 301 redirects, ensuring that Google and users could continue to find the information they needed on the new website without any disruption.

Sharp Guys’ industrial web design project for Yushin America was an absolute delight to work on, mainly due to their fantastic team. We relished the opportunity to contribute to their digital presence, and we are excited to see the cool new robots Yushin will create and showcase on the website in the coming years.

In essence, this project was more than just a website redesign. It was a venture into the world of industrial web design, responsive web design, and digital marketing. It was about creating a platform that not only met Yushin’s needs for easy updating but also served as a virtual stage to showcase their advanced robotic technology. Our journey with Yushin America reinforced our commitment to delivering top-notch digital marketing services and bespoke web design solutions for our clients.

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