Yushin America

Project Description

If you are in the plastics molding business, you have probably heard of Yushin.  This project was an absolute joy to work on due to their amazing team.  Yushin America came to Sharp Guys’ wanting a website that they could easily update that also showcased off their amazing robots.  We knew immediately that we wanted to have some kind of video playing as soon as people landed on the website as it would visualize for visitors right away the level of knowledge, expertise, and professionalism that Yushin is well known for.  Yushin also had an existing website that was entirely custom built, making it impossible for us to easily migrate everything over automatically.  Instead Sharp Guys’ simply rebuilt the website page by page.  While doing this may take a bit longer, it also allowed us to have maximum control on each interior page, making sure that each one was designed with care and most importantly, easy to update for the Yushin team going forward.

Sharp Guys’ integrated the web forms with their CRM and email marketing software as well making it so each form that is filled in automatically is routed correctly without the need for manual re-entry.   Since the existing website was older, it had a reputation and hundreds of indexed pages in Google.  We made sure that though we were rebuilding the entire website from the ground floor, to take care of the important task of setting up 301 redirects so Google (and users) could continue finding the things they needed when they got to the website.

We couldn’t have asked for a better client and we look forward to seeing all of the cool new robots Yushin makes and showcases on the website over the coming years.

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