Recently I created a presentation for the B2B Marketers of Indiana that revolved around WordPress.  While I did that presentation live, I did a screen captured version of one of my practice sessions a day before the event. That video is embedded below.  The presentation goes through the following and much more.

WordPress, now used by over 22% of all websites in the US including mom and pop shops and Fortune 500’s, will be the topic of the discussion. With a message specifically tailored to the WordPress novice/intermediate user, Cody Sharp will guide the attendees through the Good, the Bad, and the Required of WordPress.

During the video, I Discuss:

  • Why a company may want to choose WordPress.
  • How to pick a good WordPress theme.
  • The MUST HAVE plugins for WP.
  • The best hosting options for a WP website.
  • How to keep your WP website from being hacked.
  • How to set up your WP website to be optimized for search engines.
  • How to get more web-based leads from your website.
  • And more.

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