As the owner of a web design agency, it’s been a constant struggle for me to understand why some agencies insist on requiring their clients to continue paying them even after their website has been fully developed. From my perspective, ongoing fees should offer genuine value, or at the very least, the potential for value. Think about Netflix – I might not watch it every month, but knowing it’s there, ready to provide countless hours of content when I need it, that’s value.

Unfortunately, I’ve observed many web agencies that continue to extract money from clients long after the web design work has been completed. Some even charge a monthly ‘licensing fee’ for websites built on entirely open-source CMS products like WordPress. This practice, although not necessarily illegal, borders on unethical. I’ve also seen agencies charge for the ‘rental’ of a website the client has already paid for, essentially holding the client and their website design captive. They refuse to let clients take ownership of their website if they choose to leave the agency – a practice I find deeply unsettling.

However, not all agencies operate this way. There are many in the Indianapolis area that treat their clients with respect, offering reasonable rates for their work without enforcing a lingering ongoing fee. If they do charge a continuous fee, it’s for a proprietary software that provides support, hosting, and ongoing functionality – services that add tangible value.

At Sharp Guys Web Design, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our dedication to serving our clients. When we undertake a new website project, we handle every aspect of the design process from start to finish. We don’t require any ongoing fees once the work is complete. To ensure you can effectively manage your website moving forward, we provide a custom screen capture training video of approximately 30-45 minutes, walking you through all the functionality you now have at your fingertips. But the choice is always yours – if you decide you’d like us to manage your ongoing WordPress maintenance, we’re more than ready to assist.

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