I like to pretend this is what people see when they look at my car

It is Hard to Believe But This is What My Car Would Look Like – If it Was Photoshopped…Extensively

A weird thing about selling your car with no heat during winter time – no one wants it.  I started thinking about this 2 weeks ago when my car forced me to.  It suddenly stopped producing heat and I, after opening up my hood for 2 minutes and glaring at the radiator’s incompetence, decided there was very little I could to except glare one last time.   After learning that the cost to fix the problem would cost more than the cost of some gloves, I did what cheap non-mechanical people do – I bought some gloves and decided to sell the car and buy a new one.  Quickly I found out that selling a car in the winter without heat (even in 55 degree weather) wasn’t as easy as eating a whole pizza by myself in one sitting (this is my metric for difficult, yet possible situations I excel in).

Often times Sharp Guys Web Design provides long term solutions tlo companies with both short term and long term problems.  This car selling experience made me think yet again about how important it is to provide some heat (often in the form of lead generation) to the chilled to the bone companies I am working with.  I commonly speak to a potential client that needs leads now but has a website that lacks pizazz (I believe pizazz is the quality Google looks for most in a website) but needs to build a new website before I can begin working to help them with leads.  That’s like telling my potential client, “Good news, your car will have no heat during the dead of winter but you are just going to love how ice cold the air conditioning will be this summer.”

Lately I have been moving to temporary solutions for people’s lead generation problems – pay per clicks ads and email being the two main channels.   If you provide solutions that will cool your client’s with lemonade on the hottest day of the year but they are stuck smack dab in winter, maybe you should think about doing the same thing.

One More Thing

This month is unique in that the format for the email is entirely changed and really has nothing to do with the normal stuff I have done in the past.
Look for the brand new Sharp Guys’ newsletter in 2016 and in case I don’t speak with you before the end of the year, I wish you an incredible end to the year.  Best wishes – Cody

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