Several times over the past year we have started the project of creating a new website for Sharp Guys Web Design. Unfortunately, this client (ourselves) are really a pain in the butt. We keep getting ‘busy with other things’ and are ‘too focused on our core work to keep pushing time into a new website for ourselves’. So if you are a company that struggles with those types of things, never fear. Sharp Guys Web Design has the same issues and we are an Indianapolis web design company!

How can these issues be resolved? It really comes down to figuring out the importance of a website redesign as part of your company’s strategy. For our company, it holds a high priority but at the same time, the existing website is mostly getting the job done (search engine and lead conversion-wise) – it just doesn’t look as good as many of the new websites we are building for our clients. And that is the kind of thing that happens all too quickly on the web. It seems every 2 years you see a noticeable shift in web design methodology. In the past it was often structural (think about the shift to responsive (mobile friendly) design or decades earlier, the move away from pure HTML) but nowadays it isn’t the technology or the backend most often being the reason for the transition, it is aesthetic (think color schemes and showcasing your content using best practices) and user experience that pushes website change.

We’ve played around with the idea of client’s paying a moderate monthly fee that basically will provide a client with a brand new, modern and updated design every couple of years. That way there is no huge outlay of cost associated with updating your website to new contemporary standards. Instead, every few years you would have a professional come in and make sure the foundation of your website is still solid and we would update your design based on the standards of the day, and continue to ensure your branding aligns with the messaging on the website. In short, we would make your company’s website future proof. Would you be interested in a service like that? Let us know.

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