Yesterday I tweeted an article that said that only 1% of online purchases come from social media.  That doesn’t mean it’s worthless, it just means that if you are looking to get a bunch of direct sales due to your social media presence, you are barking up the wrong tree.  Instead, utilize social media for communicating your company’s culture, its expertise and things you like.  Utilize a personal voice for your company’s social media account because for the first time in marketing history, using a personal voice for a company doesn’t look unprofessional, it looks interesting.  Ubiquitous corporate advertising has made even the least cynical person become cynical of corporate speak when it comes to new products and services.

The other major reason to do social media is to drive traffic to your website where the actual transaction or conversion can take place.  When it does happen, make sure you give your visitors ample opportunity to interact with your company.  Make it easy for users to comment on your blog (you have a blog, right?) by using a comment system like Disqus.  Use forms that give you enough information to reach out to your visitor but not too many fields that the visitor gives up before completing it.  Use quotes from your clients to showcase your products.   Having been in sales for years, showcasing your existing clients’ experience with your company works much better than simply telling someone that your stuff is the best.  Besides, no one likes a bragger.

When we do web design for our Indianapolis clients, we try to integrate all of these ideas into our design.  Your company’s website is like a city’s visitor center that people actually go to.  Make sure that when people come that you are open for business.

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