When Covid hit in March, our client’s WordPress websites were crucial to helping them communicate with their clients and visitors.  With many of our web design clients being essential businesses, they often were not entirely shut down even during the worse months from the onslaught of the virus.  These essential businesses, running the gamut from industrial and manufacturing companies to international nonprofits, still needed to advise folks on what safety precautions they were taking to keep their clients and employees safe.

With the fall and winter months approaching and a vaccine a bit off, it is a good time for you to think of how you can get your own Covid policies out to your own website visitors in the months ahead.  

Having tried a number of ways to do this, I would recommend the following setup: 

First, figure out a short message (that fits in just a line or two) of the most important aspect of your Covid policy.  For example, are you open, closed, going to open or close, etc.?  If your policy needs to be more extensive – let’s say you are a dentist or doctor’s office and you want to alert people of what to expect when they get to your office, you should write that up as well.  With those two pieces of logistics in hands, we can move on to the Covid web design setup.

If you are on WordPress, download a plugin called ‘Simple Banner’ by clicking this link or by simply searching for it (find the one created by Ryan Petersen).  It has no ads and has all of the functionality you need to set up an alert like the ones below that stays on the header of your website on each page.


I’ve made a video going through the step by step process you can use.

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