Hi again gang,

Sometimes people ask me how I write these emails and usually I tell them that I simply sit down and write for 10 minutes but the truth is, I often write a whole bunch of stuff I never use.  This month I wanted to share with you some examples of the stuff I usually write before getting to the slightly better stuff I like to believe I usually end up with (if you are wondering, this month you get no slightly better stuff).

Subject line 1: How Fallout 4 is Like Marketing

Fallout, if you haven’t heard is a post-apocalyptic game series that began in 1997. Since Fallout 4 came out a couple of weeks ago, it has shipped 10 million+ copies. Over 18 years the series has went from having a great story with horrible graphics to a decent story with pretty nice graphics.  In all 5 games (they didn’t number one of them), the game starts with the same line – ‘War never changes’.

The idea being people are people regardless of where you put them in time, place, circumstance – they will still fight with each other.  In the same way, no matter where you put marketers in time, place, circumstance we will try and find ways of communicating to a prospect (thankfully our version simply has fewer nuclear bombs but sadly fewer cute dog companions).

Subject line 2: My 6 Year Old Can’t Wait to Flip the Calendar to Next Month

Every month my daughter begins the process of counting how many days it is to the next month.  She absolutely loves the idea of moving to the next month – maybe it has something to do with the calendar’s usage of cute furry animals but I think it mostly relates to her optimism for life and her excitement for what is next.  Usually by the end of the month, I’m groaning that I didn’t get enough done and I’m thinking about all of the ways I should have used my time better. In other words, I’m simply regretting the month I had instead of looking forward to the future I can build.  I think this month, I’m going to use my daughter’s method.

Other Unused Subject Lines:
3) The Secret Life of Bats
4) Marketing Made EZ – How to Use ‘Words’ Like EZ Instead of Easy
5) Sometimes I Keep My Coat on While Working Because I’m Too Lazy to Take it Off

The Work

Lots of clients to talk about but I thought I would go with potentially the most useful.  Steve Scully’s Fireplace Service is for those of you that have a fireplace, know what it is supposed to do (light on fire) but have no idea how to make it happen (this includes yours truly).  Take a look at Steve’s new website and let him help you keep your house nice and toasty this winter.

Other Stuff

This January, the B2B Marketers of Indiana and the Indy AMA are doing an awesome meetup with Gerry Dick.  Get all of the details here and sign up before the tickets sell out.

Thanks for reading all.  Hope you all have a truly wonderful December.


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