Writing something interesting about websites, search engine optimizations and the like isn’t always easy.  A lot of company’s hire outside writers to do this job or hire a specific staff member because it can be grueling.  However, that isn’t the case with every company I come across.  Indianapolis companies like Slingshot SEO and T2 Systems actually use their own staff to write their weekly blogs.  If possible, it is for the best.  After all, who knows your product better than the person who sells it, develops it, etc on a day to day basis.  Well – possibly one person; the client.

A client based blog can be an amazing addition to your weekly or monthly blogging repertoire.  First off, it shows your client that you respect what they do and you value their opinion.  Secondly, it gives you some additional insight into how they use your software or service.  Finally, it sells visitors to your site on your services because you aren’t doing your own sales pitch – your clients are.

Regardless if you use this method for a weekly blog or just once per quarter, utilizing a client to write your blog can be a neat idea that you can bet, not a lot of your competitors are using.  Try it out sometime and let us know what kind of results you have been able to achieve.

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