Yesterday I had an unusual occurrence in that I received 4 text messages from Smile Dentistry (name changed to protect the marketing department).  They came throughout the day at no particular time and for no particular reason.  The basics of this message chain: I did not know Smile Dentistry, they texted me the first time by accident, the second time to apologize, the 3rd time about Zumba being cancelled and the 4th time to let me know Zumba was back on.  While their messaging wasn’t clear, the message was clear – they had no idea what they were doing.

This isn’t unique to Smile Dentistry.  Using text messages to get a point across to clients is new business but it is also one of the most efficient open rates in the land at around 95% – seriously.  Email rates are lucky to hit 20% or so.  And like a chump, I continued to open the texts regardless of the fact the messages had nothing to do with me.  In fact, I found that only made things more interesting.

So with this in my mind, I have decided to launch an all out marketing broadcast via text and email to tell everyone about today’s pottery lesson being moved to tomorrow.  Then I’ll remind them that pottery was actually yesterday and that I meant next week’s pottery class would be moved.  Once I clearly have their attention and know they will be listening, I’ll strike and say, “Sharp Guys Web Designs makes the most inexpensive, yet fantastically professional websites in the Indianapolis area – buy now”.  How can I miss?

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