You have a dream one night – you dream of being an eCommerce marketer and having the ability to directly attribute every dollar you spent on digital marketing to every dollar of revenue made. If you are in eCommerce and simply dreaming this and not already doing this (but have the budget and authority to do it), wake up – you’re fired. Every smart marketer knows that the closer they are to the revenue, the closer they are to promotions, vacations and living high off the hog (what the heck does that actually mean). The farther you are away from revenue, the closer you are to living in a van down by the river.

What’s more, for the first time in the history of marketing, you don’t have to guess when it comes to attribution. If you send an email that results in 40 sales, you know the exact email that resulted in those sales. If a particular product garnered 35 of those sales, you’ll know that as well. Our clients have the ability to track all of this data, and many take advantage of tracking exactly how much revenue they earned from their digital marketing campaigns. Sometimes those clients are even nice enough to share some of the data with us – we love that stuff!

Some clients take it a step further and actually integrate their sales purchase database with their email marketing software. Instead of sending an email to everyone that bought a toy car last year when they have a ‘Toy Car Blowout!’ (a good idea), they specifically send a certain type of toy car that costs more to the people who spent more on their toy cars last year! That is the kind of thing that can turn a CEO’s head!

If you are in eCommerce and not doing this already, save yourself a trip to the river by asking your friendly neighborhood digital marketing provider how to setup this tracking in Google Analytics and start seeing actual ROI instead of simply talking about projected ROI.


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