Hey gang,

Think about that subject line – Jefferson not only helped outline our democracy but he also took the time to invent a new and improved plow – plowing being a task he never actually did himself.  Instead of being crestfallen that I have surprisingly neither helped found a democracy nor improved a mainstay of farming, I take solace in knowing that I, like Jefferson, enjoy learning about many different topics and one of them just may end up being the foundation of an idea or thing that helps people long into the future.  My recommendation to you, learn or observe something new every day – you never know what your observances will lead to.

Lately I have been doing far less writing, having traded it for reading.  Over the last few months I have read biographies on Truman, John Adams, George Washington and the book, Between the Seas (about the Panama Canal).  My current read, The Great Bridge (about the Brooklyn Bridge) is also shaping up to be a good one.  This recent flood of reading came from working to rediscover my passion for learning which has always focused on history.  In an election cycle that people are calling ‘historical’ and ‘unprecedented’ and in a digital marketing sector that increasingly describes things ‘awesome’, ‘amazing’ and ‘totes ma goats’, it is nice to know there are very few new things under the sun (except maybe the term totes ma goats).

My typical email would give you an update on the work Sharp Guys has been doing and this one could do the same but I’ll let you off easy this month.  Go out and vote tomorrow – especially for your local elections.  Remember that in our political system, local election tends to be the area that you have the most direct control over and will have the most direct impact on your own life.  So tomorrow, be impactful!

Thanks for reading!

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