Utilizing someone else’s services for your business is a fact of life for most small businesses and increasingly, large businesses.  Relying on security, servers, and terms of services from services from Apple to YouTube (I couldn’t think of a ‘Z’ company), you have to have faith that they will continue providing the services they initially offered when you signed up, for the same prices and with the same terms attached.  For many, especially people that feel the need to control a situation, this is a scary proposition.

That being said, services like Facebook, Twitter, Vimio, and the like are difficult to forgo for many small businesses that don’t have the expertise, budget or resources to serve the same function on their own.  In fact, for any size business, it is impossible to provide the same function and reach as widely used services like Facebook and Twitter.  So what does a business owner do to help feel better about their situation?

While situations liked the LinkedIn hacking that occurred 2 weeks ago are increasingly more common, so are additional security measures meant to stop it from occurring again.  And while there is always the very real possibility of a .com service of going out of business, the larger the company, the less likely it is to occur.  So pick your server providers, video providers, email clients, etc carefully.  Don’t be afraid to try the new kid on the block who is offering cheaper prices and a slicker interface, but remember that they have a greater likelihood of failing than a publically traded company or an experienced privately owned company.

Why would Sharp Guys Web Design, a relative newcomer to the Indianapolis web design market, mention this?  Well because all of our clients utilize servers and services from industry stalwarts that are exactly as described – less likely to fail or change their terms and prices.  Since all of our website designs are sold as a project, owned by our clients, and based on the open source and widely used, WordPress platform, the risk is further minimized.



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