Each year as tax season approaches, the term ‘audit’ might send a shiver down the spine of many. However, there’s one audit that your business would not only find advantageous but could also help it flourish in 2023 and beyond.

A website audit is one of the most beneficial steps your organization can take as it contemplates progressing with a new web design. Often, when you develop aFree website audit website for your business, you’re so acquainted with your product or service that you may not explain it adequately for those who know less about it. This is where the perspective of a third party becomes invaluable in deciding what alterations you should implement. When we carry out web design for companies, we usually have in-person meetings to discuss a range of different elements. Regardless of whether they choose to engage us for the task, we hope that the website audit proves a constructive exercise for them. The following points are taken from one of our audits conducted in 2022 (specific items related to the company we were assisting have been excluded for confidentiality).

This company was a B2B that offered a SaaS. However, even if your company or organization is a B2C or a nonprofit, some of the suggestions below could be beneficial, and the concept of a website audit could be appealing.  Without further ado, here’s the list of suggestions/notes as part of our free website audit:

  • Consider adding calls to action on the client login page – particularly around upselling services/client education.
  • Have you contemplated implementing a live chat specific to your sales team? It has been known to boost engagement significantly.
  • The ‘learn more’ feature on the front page and subsequent pages requires three clicks before a form appears to provide more information. This could be causing a loss of potential conversions.
  • Lead forms aren’t specific to the page I was on – this should be reviewed. Without doing this, you:
    • Can’t easily track specific goal completions in Google Analytics. (Although you can technically do this by setting up a Goal funnel, very few companies utilize this feature).
    • Can’t pass along this crucial information to the sales team.
    • Less specific messaging on the form could result in fewer conversions.
  • ‘Submit form’ should be replaced on all submit buttons. Even a simple change to ‘Get Help Now’ can enhance conversions by 200%.
  • It’s commendable that you have unique landing pages for your whitepapers. However, the header call to action should verify that what they are signing up for is what they will receive.
  • Your forms don’t ask for phone numbers. What becomes of these leads once the form is completed? Are they integrated into a drip campaign or forwarded to your sales team? What methods do you use to obtain a phone number?
  • ‘Download now’ isn’t a poor call to action for the submit button, but you should test larger buttons, different colors – all of these changes can significantly impact conversions.
  • It’s a good strategy to encourage people to visit your blog after converting a lead. You might also want to prompt people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook or call you for immediate info.
  • The content is exceptional. The whitepaper I downloaded is impressive. The graphics, consistency, and overall clean design are noteworthy.
  • Let’s personalize the triggered email that you send to receive the whitepaper by using the information we just collected from the user. This could increase the likelihood of them opening the email.
  • I’d suggest a popup campaigns to get people signed up for your email list – this tactic tends to work surprisingly well based on my experience.
  • You might want to display an example of the newsletter on the newsletter signup page. An archive could also be a good addition.
  • Your FAQ is an excellent idea. Another opportunity is to link the FAQ to blogs that have already been written about the subject on your website. This is beneficial for both SEO and user experience.
  • How do your recorded webcasts convert since you ask for contact details before people can watch them? Even if they are fantastic webinars, I’m betting you don’t have a lot of people fill in their info to watch them. How about setting up the videos without the lead wall? You could always provide a ‘free’ preview and set up a turnstile lead entry form 5 minutes into the video.
  • There are two calls to action on the front page – subscribe and learn more. These stand out because they use entirely different color schemes. Are these the most critical actions you want visitors to notice?
  • Displaying a list of logos showcasing the clients you work with on the front page could be very beneficial. These logos often become the most popular component of a website and serve as ‘proof’ that you are a company visitors would like to work with.
  • Your WordPress website has not been updated since version 5.5.7 – that implies the security on the site has been outdated since January 6, 2022 (nearly 18 months at this point). Always ensure to keep your website’s software updated, especially in the case of potential security vulnerabilities. A hacked website is worse than a down website.

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