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Project Description

I’m excited to share the fantastic project we recently completed with Team Image, formerly known as Morris Team Image. They’ve been rockin’ the custom embellished apparel scene in central Indiana for decades, and we had a blast working with them to revamp their website.

We made sure that the new Team Image website is responsive, meaning it looks awesome and works smoothly on any device – from desktop to mobile. We want every visitor to have a top-notch experience, no matter how they access the site. Plus, we focused on driving leads and revenue for Team Image. Our strategic web design and optimization techniques will help them generate more business and stand out in the industry.

Oh, and did I mention we built the website using WordPress? It’s the most popular content management system out there, and for good reason. It’s user-friendly and offers a ton of flexibility. Team Image can easily update and manage their website content, ensuring it’s always fresh and up-to-date.

Working with Team Image was a blast, and we’re thrilled with the result. Their new website perfectly captures their expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality customized apparel. Whether it’s for schools or organizations, Team Image is here to serve their clients’ needs with style and excellence.

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If you’re looking to elevate your company’s online presence, boost sales, and generate leads, we’ve got your back. Don’t forget to grab your free website audit from us. Let’s see how we can transform your business and make an impact together.

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