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I’m already regretting my subject line – what the heck is T-Day?  It looks like I simply misspelled ‘today’ or am just too extraordinarily lazy (guilty) to type out the name of the annual federal holiday typically celebrated by eating the other, other white meat. And thinking of that, how did the turkey farmers of America (that’s probably a thing, right?) get so badly out ad-campaigned by the pork sellers of America (again, this is likely a thing)?  I’m betting every time some person has Shake ‘n Baked their pork dinner, a turkey farmer cries thinking of what could have been.  Instead of that juicy meat sale being theirs, their proud stock is still relegated to just a single day for a single meal and some occasional lunch meat. It gives a marketer goosebumps just thinking about pork’s ad driven ascent to the top riding chicken’s coattails.

Speaking of ascents, I just got back from a short trip out to California where my wife and I ascended a number of mountains. And to be honest, I’m really proud of how we did. We went out there worried we weren’t in good enough shape or that we lacked the gear.  One supposedly clear-headed friend even suggested we were ‘unprepared’ since we had ‘never climbed a mountain’ and we ‘had no idea what we were doing!’.  But when we got there, we looked up at towering Mount San Jacinto and knew if we did our best, we could prove everyone wrong and traverse its rocky peaks.  More than traverse, we dominated its peaks with our mental and physical prowess – often times driving up its twists and turns at 30-50 mph – how’s that for ‘unprepared’ my friends!

We also got out to Joshua Tree National Park and it was seriously incredible. We read on some sign (not a random sign – it was at the actual park Visitors Center) that the Mormons are the ones that coined the name Joshua Tree based on the tree looking similar to a biblical figure named Joshua and his outstretched arms (which sounds completely reasonable), but then we read something else on the same sign that stopped me dead in my tracks – Joshua Trees are not really trees, instead they are a type of Yucca Plant!  A common plant!?

If you haven’t seen one, believe me when I tell you that JT’s (a shortened version of Joshua Tree I am now using and believe will catch on if only we can break it free from Justin Timberlake’s grip) appear 100% to look like members of the tree club. Bark?  Check. Branches?  Check!  Green? Check!!  I’ve decided that in an effort to show fellowship with my fellow humans that disbelieve things because of their own personal knowledge, I will remain suspicious of this Visitors Center sign until I read a sign that says I am right – JT’s are truly trees (and not just any tree, a very pokey tree that hurt my finger when I accidentally touched it).

JT's that seem to be 100% 'real trees'
The Work

Folks, I have a really good one to share today – St. Mary’s Early Childhood Center, a nonprofit childcare center near Indy’s downtown and an awesome organization, has had their newly minted Sharp Guys’ website go live recently. Not only does the organization do amazing work, they were also wonderful to work with. Take a look and learn more about their mission and how they help the children of Indiana.

Thanks for Being You

Today I share with you the heartwarming story of famous Hoosiers’ Peanut Butter and Jelly and how even though they were criminally delicious, were pardoned and will long be celebrated through their hometown of Jasper, Indiana and throughout their home state.  PB&J, we salute you both.

Image from https://www.reuters.com/world/us/biden-pardon-indiana-turkeys-peanut-butter-jelly-thanksgiving-2021-11-18/
I wish you and yours an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving.  Please keep in touch and as always, thanks for reading!


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