Summit Environmental

Project Description

Summit Environmental Services works with some of the largest companies in the world – Coke, Marathon, GM, Toyota, Dupont, BP and many other well known brands.  However, when they reached out to Sharp Guys’ several months ago, they felt their existing website did a poor job conveying their wealth of skills and knowledge.  When Sharp Guys’ began work on the project, we had one objective – show Summit Environmental Services for what they are – one of the most experienced and talented industrial remediation and services companies in the country.

To do this, we focused not only on displaying the logos of some of the well known brands they have been trusted by, but also by showcasing the amazing scale of projects they have completed.  Summit provided some awesome imagery that made this job easier.  We also wanted to drive lead generation – something we have a wealth of experience helping B2B clients with.  We worked on this by providing a great foundation for search engine optimization and using best practices for lead conversion throughout the website’s design.

One unique feature of this custom industrial website is especially worth detailing – Summit wanted to be able to add a new project to the website and immediately have the web project create a PDF they could hand out to clients formatted out of the gate.  This  was a challenge since some projects had 2 images and some had 16 and the imagery needed to all be shown on the handout.  Sharp Guys worked with the awesome Summit team and was able to come up with a method for doing this.  Instead of spending hours pulling together a case study, a project could be added to the website in mere minutes and a marketing handout is created simultaneously.

As always, we provided a custom recorded training video so each and every single aspect of the website could be updated by the Summit team with no need to pay Sharp Guys’ or any other web design company ongoing maintenance – they would be able to make their own updates.

After using the website for a couple of weeks, we followed up and asked Kevin Lewis, Summit’s National Account Manager how the website was working out for them –  “Everything is fantastic!  Everyone in the company likes it!”

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