Hey gang,

Well it’s officially summertime and I’m over here sweating the generalities.

Have you noticed how many web headlines use the phrase ‘X Broke the Internet’? Where the letter X is a word or person that has nothing to do with the internet’s infrastructure. Plus, if they broke it, how would I read the article in the first place?

I’ve run into some of you over the last six months. I want to thank all of you for continuing to say nice things about this email newsletter and for the ones that tell the truth, I appreciate that as well.

The Work

I think it’s been six months since the last email and it’s been the busiest time we have ever had at Sharp Guys. We have been working on a multitude of digital marketing strategies and websites. Probably my favorite was helping Fishers-based company Agency 360. While we came into the project when it was already half done, the owner, Matt Molter was fantastic to work with and he and his team has created some exceptional software that helps Police, Fire and EMS departments track their trainees progress.

In Other News

I’ll be speaking next month about digital marketing plans at the B2B Marketers of Indiana meet up on July 19th so if you are around and are interested, please stop by.

A Query

Any fellow history lovers out there? I have been reading a ton of it over the last year and would love to discuss. Points of emphasis – 18th and 20th century American history. The 19th century just doesn’t do it for me – just kidding. I’m also very interested in that as well.

Thanks for reading,


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