Need a Salesforce Audit?

What is a Salesforce Audit?

Salesforce has an incredibly large footprint with an enormous amount of functionality – some B2B organizations use a little of it greatly and many organizations use a lot of it, poorly.  Typically with Salesforce, we recommend a company use as much of the system as is possible without costing it money.  How do you know what that cutoff is?  Experience and information.  You provide the information, we provide the salesforce-auditexperience.

What is at Stake or Why Does it Matter?

Simply put – a substantial amount of revenue is at stake.  Inefficiencies in data and process cost companies greatly – the average company loses 12% of its annual revenue.  This Audit will find those items and provide actionable advice for fixing them.

How does it work?

Our Salesforce experts look at:

  • The process for how leads currently get in Salesforce.
    • What types of leads are currently coming in?
    • Where they go within Salesforce?
    • How much data entry is required to insert the lead into Salesforce?
    • What is being done to eliminate poor/duplicate data?
  • What happens to those leads afterward?
    • What communications go out to the lead – manually and automatically?
    • Is each ‘touch’ of the prospect recorded within the database?
    • How is your sales team adding/updating/changing information within Salesforce?
  • What parts of the lead/contact/account/opportunity objects are being used? Are they being used in a way that:
    • Makes sense for your sales process?
    • Is regularly used by your sales team?
    • Makes your sales number’s reportable?
    • Easily shows your pipeline?

The End – Actionable Results

We digitally deliver a report of actionable advice that will show gaps, problems, or inefficiencies in the current process.  This report will include a plan on how to implement the suggested changes.  We will rank these in two categories – the order that will save you the most money/bring in the most new revenue and the ease to implement the proposed changes.  A 15 minute phone call to review the findings is also included.

Additional Opportunity

Onsite presentation of our findings along with additional consultation and implementing the changes/fixes/modifications suggested are available for an additional fee.

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