salesfoceDo you use Salesforce at your business? Or do you just ‘use Salesforce’?

We have seen many businesses that are not getting as much as they could out of this powerful CRM, despite spending thousands per year on licensing fees. In fact, they even:

▪ Lost track of leads and opportunities
▪ Failed to enter their sales activity at all
▪ Continued using Excel spreadsheets and Google Drive docs for lead followup
▪ Had tons of duplicate data and little/no rules about importing data


Do you have any of these issues at your organization? The average company loses 12% of its annual revenue due to inefficiencies in data and process. Don’t be one of them.

How Can We Help?

We look at over 20 areas of your current sales/marketing process and how they work with Salesforce. Then we provide recommendations based on our decade of sales/marketing/Salesforce expertise to make sure good leads never fall through the cracks again.

To learn more about our process and how it can benefit your organization, click here to see our step by step Salesforce Audit plan and pricing.

Do you utilize a different CRM or marketing automation software? We have experience with a wide variety of each and would love to help.

PS – Did this blog sound really salesy?  It is, but don’t worry, most of our blogs aren’t.  This one is special because I couldn’t resist re-using good material that describes a service that I haven’t spoken about enough – something small to midsize businesses really struggle with.  Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled digital marketing tips and tricks.

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