It has always bothered me that Indiana is considered a ‘flyover state’ – mostly because the term has a negative connotation that implies there is nothing here worth stopping for.  My feeling is that there is a ton that is worth seeing and doing.  Today I found proof that the most frequently flown over state is actually…Virginia.

I was surprised because it is home to Washington D.C. and based on House of Cards, a lot of things (murders, deception, cronyism, etc.) happen there each and every day – it is the definition of a happening place.  So perhaps if we can get the news out that being a flyover state doesn’t necessarily mean there is little to see and do, the term will lose its credibility.

The map below show’s the most flown over state – the darker the area, the more flown over.



This Month’s Work
This last week we had 2 new client websites launch and both came out great.  The first is the Women’s High Tech Coalition in DC which has had incredible speakers including Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton, Meg Whitman, and multiple U.S. Senators and House Representatives. The new website provides a modern look that offers easy membership signup, payment processing and renewals.
The other newly launched website is Indianapolis-based company, Syndicate Claims Services. They wanted something that showcases their simple, yet elegant aesthetic – the same look they use at conference shows and throughout the rest of their marketing collateral.  The final result came out great and was built entirely on amazing communication by the SCS team.
Other Stuff
This month I was able to sit in on a great marketing session by Jill Snyder, the former Vice President of Marketing at Aprimo. If you missed this B2B Marketers of Indiana meeting but are interested in networking, pizza or learning, you should really come to our next meetup on July 15th – the first time you come out is free!
How Much Money Does Your Website Make Your Company?
Honestly, I’d love to hear your answers.  Percentage-based answers are fine.  So are answers like, “I’m not sure” or “I know the answer but if I tell you, I’ll have to kill you (in this case, please don’t tell me)”.

Thanks for reading

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