Monthly Website Maintenance, Support, & Analysis Plan – MPACT

$200.00 / month

$200.00 / month

Sharp Guys Web Design presents the ultimate Indianapolis-based WordPress maintenance plan – our entire support team is locally based in and around Indianapolis. If you’re in the Indianapolis area and seeking a reliable, proactive local partner for website support or resolving issues, our monthly WordPress maintenance, support, and analysis plan is your ideal choice. Have questions? Call us at 317-855-8632. Otherwise, click ‘Sign Up Now’ to instantly sign up.

About This Plan

This plan is exclusively designed for companies using WordPress websites.

As part of this WordPress exclusive plan, Sharp Guys Web Design will provide:

    • One hour of web work each month, including WordPress web design, image editing, and general support.
    • Continuous website monitoring every 5 minutes to ensure uptime. If the website is down for more than five minutes, we will receive notifications and promptly address the issue.
    • Management of your hosting package (hosting fees not included) to ensure optimal performance.
    • Updates to your WordPress version and plugins used on your website (update time is excluded from the monthly support allotment).
    • Enhanced website security by maintaining up-to-date versions of WordPress and plugins, reducing the risk of cyberattacks.
    • Prompt resolution of any issues arising from updates that may impact website functionality.
    • Optional monthly 5-minute screencast video analyzing the website’s Google Analytics data and providing recommendations for improvement (available upon request).
    • Discounted hourly rate of $100/hour (reduced from $150/hour) for additional assistance beyond the included support (up to 6 hours per month). This rate applies to WordPress web design, image editing, and general support.

Important Details: 

This plan covers a single WordPress-based website/domain. For additional WordPress-based domains/websites, please contact us for a custom plan tailored to your needs. The plan does not include comprehensive SEO or Ad strategy beyond the optional 5-minute monthly screencast video. Upon subscription, we will send a welcome email to initiate the process and retrieve the information needed from the client to provide the services included within this plan.


Upon signing up for the maintenance plan, you agree to the following terms:

  • Minimum Commitment: The maintenance plan requires a minimum commitment of three months. After this period, you may cancel at any time.
  • Automatic Renewal: Barring a Fee Adjustment (see below), the plan will automatically renew monthly at the rate at which you subscribed until you cancel.
  • This rate is to honor the $200/mo. rate discussed before price increases were applied early in 2023, and is subject to change after 12 months.
  • Fee Adjustment (After this 12 month period): Sharp Guys Web Design reserves the right to adjust this plan’s fees with one month’s email notice to the client. Upon receiving notice of a fee adjustment, the client has the option to pause or cancel the plan if they do not wish to continue with the adjusted fees.
  • Cancellation by Provider: Sharp Guys Web Design reserves the right to cancel the plan with one month’s notice.
  • Limitation of Liability: Except as required by law, Sharp Guys Web Design LLC shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages arising from or related to this agreement, the use of, or inability to use the product and services. This includes, but is not limited to, damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, lost profits, loss of data, and computer failure or malfunction. Sharp Guys Web Design LLC’s total liability under this agreement shall not exceed the total single monthly fees paid by you under this agreement.
  • Plugin Updates: Premium plugins that require ongoing fees for updates must be paid for by the client in order for Sharp Guys Web Design to update them.
  • Modification of Terms: Sharp Guys Web Design may, from time to time, modify these Terms and Conditions. Such revisions shall be effective immediately for new subscribers; however, for existing subscribers, such revisions shall, unless otherwise stated, be effective 30 days after posting. Sharp Guys Web Design may assign our agreement with you to any affiliated company or to any entity that succeeds to all or substantially all of our business or assets related to the applicable Monthly Website Maintenance, Support, & Analysis Plan. By continuing to use the services after any such modifications, you agree to be bound by the updated terms.

By subscribing to the Monthly Website Maintenance, Support, & Analysis Plan, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined above, including any future modifications made by Sharp Guys Web Design.

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