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Our Pricing

How Much Does a New Website Cost? No Beating Around the Bush

How much does a new Sharp Guys Web Design WordPress website cost?

How much does a new Sharp Guys Web Design WordPress website cost?

$7,500 is Sharp Guys Web Design’s standard website rate and it goes up from there depending on your company’s unique needs.

But even a number that seems refreshingly clear can be muddied by questions like – what is a standard website? That is a GOOD question (half of our clients end up getting standard websites but the other half have more complex needs) which is why I want to bring up the things we ask when we start chatting with someone about a potential website project.

These aren’t all inclusive but give us a MUCH better idea of how we may be able to help a client (the questions below assume this will be a redesign of an existing website).

  • Do you sell products directly on your website (eCommerce)?

  • Does the information on your current website represent your company’s processes and products as they currently are?

  • Do you need content or imagery created for a new website?

  • Who else, besides yourself, will be included in moving forward with a new website?

  • Are there websites out there that have functionality you wish you had? Which ones? What functionality?

  • Who are some of your competitors?

  • Did a company design the website or was it done in house?

    • If it was a web design company, are you still working with them?
    • If so, are you paying them for ongoing maintenance? What’s included?
  • What is the main goal of your website? – lead generation / brand awareness/eCommerce?

  • In an ideal world, how much time do you/your team want to work on your website once a new website is built?

  • Do you currently track your website’s traffic? How?

  • How many leads/how much revenue does your website currently provide?

    • Do you know your cost per lead/sale?
    • If you were able to generate x leads per month, what would that mean to you/your company?
  • Are you tracking the number of leads you received from your existing marketing campaigns?

A company’s answers to these questions can help us learn if this will be an eCommerce website (much more time consuming), require ongoing maintenance going forward, require us to create content, etc. All of these things will obviously determine our pricing and whether or not we may be a good fit for a client.

I hope by pulling back the curtain on our process a bit, it helps bring clarity to a question that seems to always have a long, drawn out answer. And if you are a web developer/agency and find some of these questions useful, please feel free to use them. It is ALWAYS better to have a good understanding of a client’s actual needs than to treat every website project like a nail waiting to be hammered by standard pricing.

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