Powered by Purple Ink

Project Description

“Powered by Purple Ink” is an exceptional networking community that emphasizes relationships and support for consultants specializing in handling employee issues. This innovative platform is dedicated to connecting these professionals with businesses that require their expertise​​.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive digital platform to showcase their diverse network of professionals and wide range of benefits, they sought our assistance. We were thrilled to partner with them and provide our expertise in designing and developing their website.

Our main goal was to encapsulate the community’s mission and values throughout the website while simultaneously providing a seamless experience for users to explore and connect with the right professionals. The website now features a wide variety of fields, including Recruiting, Project Management, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Organizational Development, Compliance, Instructional Design, Career Coaching/Outplacement, Leadership Coaching, HR Audits/Assessments, Training, Strategic Planning, Compensation, Employee Benefits, and Employee Engagement​.

We made sure to highlight the unique benefits of being part of the Powered by Purple Ink community, which include brand leverage, discounts, education, marketing, networking, and a high-value referral program​​.

We also incorporated a clear and intuitive pricing model, which allows consultants to join the network for as little as $149/year and as much as $2500/year, depending on what they wish to gain from and contribute to the network​.

This project was an exciting opportunity for us to leverage our skills and expertise to support a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to resolving businesses’ people challenges. We’re proud of the work we’ve done and look forward to seeing Powered by Purple Ink continue to grow and succeed with their new website.

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