Project Description

A long time Sharp Guys’ digital marketing client, Allusions felt that their old web design (which was done by a previous agency) needed a fresh coat of paint based on new branding.  We redid everything from the ground up while maximizing lead generation ability and retaining all of the headway we had made over the years with search engine optimization.  The end result is a website that is elegant and showcases their brand, and that has also helped generate many more leads than before the new web design.  The lead generation increase was almost entirely based on two items:

  • The button for getting a free consultation is now always available on the left sidebar of the website.  This button produces a mobile friendly popup form that allows people to set an appointment.  Previously they were only able to have consultation forms on certain pages and people had to look harder for the call to action.
  • We changed the menu and removed the items that were getting fewer clicks maximizing the visitor engagement to the website.  Now people find what they need, faster.

All of these decisions were based on an analytical look at their data over the last couple of years and by utilizing best practices for website engagement.  This was one of our favorite projects to work on since we started Sharp Guys’.