You need an ongoing website analysis to get the most out of your site’s data.  Sharp Guys’ provides one for all of our ongoing maintenance clients.  Have you ever wanted to have a data analyst on your staff but couldn’t afford one? You know, the kind of guy or gal that can analyze your existing website data and figure out why you are missing out on getting web-based search traffic, leads and/or sales. Now you can.


As part of this ongoing website analysis plan, Sharp Guys Web Design Will:ongoing website analysis

  • Set up/fix basic conversion tracking in Google Analytics (more complicated setups may require a setup fee)
  • Provide an hour of priority phone support or website changes per month (they roll over for up to a year if you don’t use them).
  • Create a monthly, 5-10 minute screencast video where we analyze your website’s previous month’s Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools details and make suggestions on improvements you can make to get more from the website (better yet, use the hour of website changes included and we can make these suggestions a reality for you).
  • Discount our normal hourly rate of $100/hour for website work to $75/hour for any additional assistance above and beyond the included time.

So what does it cost?  $200 per month, paid monthly.

If you seem to have a million data points but don’t have the staff, time, resources or experience to use every point of digital data available to generate more traffic, convert more leads and create more sales – now you can.  Fill out the form to get started.