Nonprofit Web Design Made EasySharp Guys Web Design has over a decade of experience working with nonprofits to design or redesign their organization’s websites. Many times these nonprofits range in size from smaller to larger with the average organization having 20 to 50 employees.  From nonprofit clients like St. Mary’s Child Center to Water for Good, Sharp Guys Web Design has the experience your nonprofit needs to make sure you put your best foot forward and engage with potential donors and volunteers alike. 

Nonprofit Web Design Made EasySharp Guys owner, Cody Sharp, began his career by working with nonprofits. Working at companies like eTapestry and Donor Pro, he fully saw the benefit of nonprofits that were able to stay in touch and make emotional appeals to their donors and other stakeholders. With the average nonprofit website skewing older, many times a new website design means creating the organization’s first mobile friendly website. Other times, it means providing a much simpler platform for making updates on an ongoing basis. Both items are truly critical to any organization’s digital presence.

Many of the nonprofits that we work with struggle with administrative tasks. Sometimes they have to double re-enter donations or it’s difficult to keep up with people filling out forms, or with folks signing up to attend events. We work with nonprofits to create functionality to make their lives easier. We know many of the nonprofit sector employees wear many hats and if we can help use automation to reduce their workload, we will do that. Often times this means integrating donation forms and helping simplify event management. It also means going above and beyond whenever we can to generate ideas how they may be able to save time that they may not have thought about before.  

Nonprofits, like businesses, run only when there is enough money to fund their operations. But unlike businesses, many times they are funded by donations and grants, and the work of volunteers. That means that every dollar matters and that’s why Sharp Guys provides a 10% discount on all of our services to 501c3 nonprofits.  

If you’re at a nonprofit and you’re interested in pursuing a new web design project, reach out to us today and we will take a look at your existing website. We may or may not be able to help your nonprofit, but even if we’re not a good fit, we’d be happy to point you in a direction that may be.  

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