I’ve learned so much but nothing has stuck with me like this – the advent of the Oreo was a cookie conglomerate (yeh, you read that right – cookie conglomerate) ripoff of Hydrox.  No, Hydrox was not a weight-loss drug.  It was a weight-gaining cookie with two chocolate wafers and cream filling created 4 years before the Oreo.

Besides studying confectionery trivia, Sharp Guys’ has also been doing some actual work.  In fact, 2 brand new websites are nearly ready to launch and we couldn’t be more excited about each of them.  One, a completely new startup e-commerce website and the other, a re-branding and redesign of a downtown Indy software company website.  More details coming soon.

Location Change 

launch-fishers-logoSharp Guys’ has moved from Keystone at the Crossing area to Launch Fishers.  We couldn’t be more excited to be around an exciting group of can-do people.  If you are in the area, please stop by and see us.


Recent Marketing Tips and Tricks

I’ve been writing like crazy – trying to spread my digital marketing fever (I mean fervor), take a look below for the top 3 items you may have missed (rankings based on proprietary algorithm that takes into account ‘gut feeling’.

  1. How to Use a Screen Capture Software to Train, Educate and Sell
  2. The Audit Your Business Can’t Do Without This Tax Season
  3. The Free, Unbelievable Digital Marketing Tool Small Businesses Aren’t Using

Other News and Thoughts

If you like the way the internet works, take a  stand up for net neutrality.  It is not a partisan issue.



Newsletter Originally Sent on 1/21/15

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