Over the past year 8 years, Sharp Guys Web Design has found its niche, designing modern websites for B2B manufacturers like Horner Automation, Yushin America, Jennerjahn Machine, Lowe’s Pellets and Harding Group (among many others).  Our experience with both manufacturing website design and industrial web design has lead to amazing client results including ROI’s of 8:1. 

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Manufacturing Website Design Quotes

Everything is fantastic with the new website!  Everyone in the company likes it!!

Kevin Lewis, National Account Manager, Summit Environmental Services

“I can’t say enough about the great experts and truly knowledgeable team at Sharp Guys Web Design.  They understand user-friendly functionality very well and they provided great advice on building a robust and fully-functioning website.  We highly recommend Sharp Guys Web Design for any business that needs a website design or re-design.”

Mary Brennan, Marketing Comm. Specialist, Yushin, Leading robotics company for plastic mold injecting

Sharp Guys Web Design’s website analysis is top-notch. They have a genuine interest in ensuring clients succeed. All around professional.

Tom Seaver, Director of Marketing, Royer Corp, Nationwide provider of custom stirrers and swizzle sticks

“Sharp Guys Web Design has always exceeded our organization’s expectations, been a wonderful partner for our team, and truly improved our brand identity. Looking forward to our next project!”

Tyler Sheller, Director of Marketing, Horner Automation , Nationwide leader in programmable login controllers

“We recently completed an entire over-haul of our website with Sharp Guys, and are incredibly pleased with the results. They developed a website marketing strategy tailored to our specific needs, implemented more features and fixed all the functionality problems. They are incredibly professional, creative in their approach and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.”

Kristy Lowe, Owner of Lowe's Pellets, The largest independent grain manufacturer in Indiana
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For companies like this, a website along with SEO services can result in their manufacturing website becoming a lead generation machine that allows for them to grow their businesses tremendously.  For example, during the past year, Horner Industrial was able to see a 8:1 return on their investment with Sharp Guys Web Design, a return well into six figures. Those are the types of results we love to see and continue to strive for when working with clients.

If you are a manufacturer, an industrial company that sells to other companies, or a service company catering to industrial companies, we have the skillset and experience to help you generate more leads that will result in sales.  To kick off the process and get a completely free, custom screen capture video audit of your existing manufacturing website, fill out the form or give us a call at 317-355-8632.