Managed System Solutions

Project Description

For an Indianapolis managed IT solution, Managed System Solutions needed a website that showed them as the tech savvy and market leading IT company in the area.  We worked hand in hand to design a secure, aesthetically pleasing and modern web design.  This lead generation website made it easy for visitors to find the services offered and works to answer the 3 questions that all of our client websites are built to answer:

  1. Who is this company – what do they do?
  2. Can they help me? Do I see people like me or that they work with companies like my own?
  3. Prove it.

With the formula above, we built out an Indianapolis WordPress web design to maximize the number of people that both come to their website organically through search and also engage with those people when they arrive.

Some of Our Other Designs

  • Believe Schools

    Sharp Guys' loves working on new nonprofit web design projects, especially local ones that impact our Indianapolis-area community.

  • Highpoint Digital

    Highpoint Digital, an IT and customer experience solution provider to the federal government, has been an ongoing WordPress website maintenance client for a couple of years.

  • Royer Corporation

    Longtime Sharp Guys' client, Royer Corporation, had worked with us for years as a maintenance client alone, but a while ago they decided to upgrade their website and turned to Sharp Guys' to build it.

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