We provide web design and digital marketing for a lot of industrial and manufacturing companies throughout Indiana and the rest of the country.  One thing many of these companies have in common is that they have a limited marketing team or in many cases, none at all.  This isn’t due to their size but instead the nature of the way they have historically grown their businesses.  We enjoy working with companies like this as we can help fill that void.  But we also love working hand in hand with an internal marketing person that is already wearing a lot of hats and needs a web specialist.

Since industrial and manufacturing companies tend to be more focused on making things in real life instead of digitally, they often have utilized more traditional marketing means in the past (flyers, catalogs, calendars, etc.).  When we hear from these folks they are often looking to change that up and make some digital marketing inroads – they may currently be using a website from 2000 that no long is up to date either technologically or much worse, its content is no longer up to date or accurate.  With a younger, more tech savvy generation of folks continuously being brought into the manufacturing world, their buyers are using websites to decide whether or not to reach out to them.  That means a website that isn’t mobile friendly or doesn’t showcase how the company can truly help the visitor due to inaccurate content on their website is going to miss out on a potential client.

Recently we worked on a client website that had went through a total website redesign with another web design company just 3 years earlier.  What they ended up with was a great looking web design but the web agency lacked the experience of working with B2B companies.  The new website was pretty but didn’t provide the basic 3 things every B2B focused business needs to answer on their website:

  1. Who is this company – what do they do?
  2. Who else do you work with?  What markets do you work in?  Can they help the specific person visiting the website?
  3. Prove it.  Showcase testimonials, case studies, etc. that show you know what you are talking about and have helped similar clients before.

If you are building a new B2B focused website, make sure your new website answers those three things and you’ll end up with much more informed visitors ready to engage with you.  Not sure if your website answers those questions or need help being found by Google?  Get a free website audit.


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