Lowes Pellets

Project Description

Lowes Pellets & Grain, a leading independent feed manufacturer and grain elevator in Southeastern Indiana, had a legacy website that was not reflecting the growth and evolution of the company. They needed a website that not only highlighted their extensive product lines and services but also encapsulated their mission and values.

We started by understanding the unique needs of Lowes Pellets & Grain, the scope of their operations, and their commitment to quality, integrity, and service. We then set out to design a website that would serve as a comprehensive digital platform for the company.

The revamped website prominently displays the company’s extensive range of feeds, including their Purple Vision premium show feed, Lowe’s Feed line for all species, and Eligius Feeds for equine nutrition. Each product line has its own dedicated space, providing detailed descriptions and, where appropriate, links to purchase.

In line with the company’s commitment to service, we integrated a convenient pre-order form for customers participating in the 2023 ABGA/JABGA National Show. This feature allows customers to pre-order Bauer Large Flake Shavings and Purple Vision Show Feed, demonstrating Lowes Pellets & Grain’s proactive approach to customer needs.

The new website design also prioritizes Lowes Pellets & Grain’s mission and values, reflecting their belief in their company as a resource to serve others responsibly, benefit their community, and contribute to the agricultural industry. This commitment to quality and safety is underscored by their 100% Safe Feed/Safe Food certification, which is prominently displayed on the website.

The end result is a visually striking, user-friendly website that accurately represents Lowes Pellets & Grain’s brand and facilitates their interactions with customers. We are proud to have partnered with them on this project, contributing to their ongoing success in the feed manufacturing industry​1​.

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