Over the last 6 months I have increasingly found that I am turning away good leads and work, work I would like to help with simply because I have no remaining bandwidth.  When I started Sharp Guys’ I specifically wanted to help small and medium sized businesses grow and I have been able to do that but increasingly, I alone have not been able to meet the demand that has been generated due to Sharp Guys’ at times showing up first with Google for the term, Indianapolis web design.

In September, I will have exclusively worked at Sharp Guys’ for 4 years (though I started the company 3 years previous to going out on my own).  At 35 years old, it is already my longest running job after college, the previous honor going to a 2.5 year stint at Towercare Technologies.  I have been conservative with finances and with hiring outside help.  Even projects that require contractors are rare as I typically only take on work that is within my wheelhouse. I have intentionally not added employees.  I have remained a one person shop all these years, only occasionally playing with the idea of adding a full time employee.  My thought has always been that there was no need and the idea of the additional responsibility meant more work than I believed it was worth.  However, times are changing and so are my thoughts on the subject.

Over the next 3 months, I have plans to grow the company to better meet the needs of the Indianapolis area businesses we have served.  The amazing thing is, the single keyword phrase Indianapolis web design has been such an important part of the company’s growth.  It alone has increased the amount of traffic coming to the website by three-fold.  Whether working with manufacturers, tech companies, the nonprofit world, or other awesome Hoosier run businesses, I am excited what the future looks like going ahead.


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