After a recent conversation with an Indianapolis web design prospect, I sent her the following email.  I’m sharing this with you as an example of the way we follow up with each and every prospect that goes through a needs analysis.  Some aspects have been changed for privacy reasons but the ideas remain largely intact.

“It was an absolute pleasure chatting with you both today and learning more about your website project.  I wanted to quickly get back with you while the conversation was fresh in my memory.  It sounded like you need a new website that:

  • Looks great regardless the device you are using to look at it.  In other words, it looks great on a smartphone, tablet or desktop. 
  • Targets your main markets – municipalities (government) looking for consultation
  • Looks completely modern – less stock photography, good use of color, etc.
  • Is easy to navigate for the web visitor and keeps them engaged, interested in learning more and educated on all of your services.
  • Is equally easy to update on your own with new content/imagery/etc.
  • Carries over all of the existing content you want to keep to a new website
  • Is naturally optimized for search engines – easy to find on Google Maps, Google search, etc.
    • The new website will help bring in more visitors
    • The new website will try and help more of those visitors become clients

Please let me know if I missed anything important. 


I would expect that this particular website could be completed within 4-6 weeks of signing as long as the feedback Sharp Guys Web Design receives from your team is timely on suggested changes. 

Finally, please let me know if you would like some references which I would be happy to provide.

I look forward to the opportunity to explore any of this information in further detail and provide additional context and clarity on any specific portion of this project.  Please let me know if you have any questions. “

So why share this with you?  Not because we are doing everything right – this email was written by hand and was specific to the prospect.  While aspects can be re-used, some details are too far too specific to the client or far too general for other clients.  In other words, it may not be the best use of our time.  But what I often hear from prospects after seeing an email like the one above is, “Out of all of the web design companies we spoke to, you are the only one that really seemed to understand my company’s needs.”

There is nothing magic about trying to understand a client’s needs – if a company respects the time of the prospect, it is just common courtesy.  That is something that we are very big believers in at Sharp Guys Web Design regardless of the size of the project or the type of work we are doing.  

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