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Have you ever finished reading a book or watching a movie and hated that it was over?  I mean the thing was so good, you just wished there was more.  In today’s email, I initially tried to recreate something akin to that feeling and I can say without a doubt, I didn’t.  While you won’t regret this email being over because its content is so good, you will be glad that it’s over – and I’d like to think I gave you that feeling of satisfaction – the feeling caused by being done with me.  You’re welcome.

With summer in mid-series, I wanted to pull together some ideas for your summer vacations before you ran out of time.  Now this won’t be a long list but follow the instructions carefully as it will make a huge difference in having an amazing time.

Step 1) Rent a summer house on a lake.  STOP READING UNTIL YOU ARRIVE!

Step 2) Oh, so you made it to the summer house?  I am constantly underestimating people’s gumption for doing things.  I never thought you’d make it this far, I have no other summer vacation ideas – plus, now I’m worried if I tell you to jump off a bridge, you’d do that too.

The Work

indianapolis web designBig changers in the works at Sharp Guys’ as I have recently signed on my first full time employee. For 4 years I have said I would never hire a full time employee but realized (after hearing it repeatedly over the years) that I say lots of dumb things.  Jeremy Butcher starts on August 6th full time but he has already been working as an intern for the last 3 months and I swear, it already feels like we have been working together for 90 days.  More details to come but suffice to say, I couldn’t be more excited.

I do have to mention (the boss is always making me talk up Sharp Guys’) a recently finished project that was a blast to work on.  We were lucky enough to work with the awesome team at Lowe’s Pellets on a completely redesigned website.  This family owned Greensburg-based company has some of the best people you could possibly work with on their team and was just a really fun project.  Check out their new website if you have the time or you are in the market for animal feed.

Other Stuff

I recently attended an awesome SaaS (software as a service) networking group meeting in the Indy area for the first time.  Check it out if you are interested in digital marketing or SaaS.

Google has continued to suck the air out of the room by changing the way the internet works.  As of this last week, if your company’s website isn’t using an SSL license (the domain starts with https://), it will be shown in Google Chrome as ‘Not Secure’ – even if it doesn’t request any information from the user.

Ever wondered why you can’t knock down those creepy inflatable clowns even when you punch them really, really hard?  Today I provide you this important life lesson.

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