Hey gang,

I gave the newsletter the summer off for good behavior but now it’s back, a little rusty but as bad as ever.

First off, have I got a story for you (literally) – a little while back I accidentally wrote a children’s story.  Accidentally you ask? Yes.  My subconscious went well beyond its ethereal limits and actually made my fingers move until words were written that constituted a story – for some reason, this never happened when I needed it during college for a history paper.  The story it wrote down was based around a partially true story of a ball getting stuck in a tree in my yard and the lengths I went to to try and get it out (more on that further down).

But instead of an embarrassing tale about an adult trying for an hour to get a big red ball out of an aggressively clingy pine tree, I made it a rhyming story of children empowerment and teamwork.  I hope you enjoy it.  If any kids you know would like to create some artwork for the story, I would LOVE to see that.  Or, if you make art that looks like kids made it (like I do), I would love to see that as well.

The Work

The Sharp Guys’ team has had a lot of fun this summer.  We have been fortunate to work with a number of awesome local companies but I want to highlight one in particular that had two brands we did websites for – DairyChem.  DairyChem, based in Fishers, Indiana and their subsidiary, Ingretec, based in Pennsylvania, infuses dairy into things that make your food taste even better. Cheesier cheese, creamier cream of mushroom soup, and dairy-er (dairy?).  We loved meeting with their team and coming up with a couple of websites that I think really came out nice.

Team Stuff

My colleague in legal-fun-having, Jeremy Butcher (Sharp Guys’ awesome Digital Marketing Manager), has now been working full time at Sharp Guys’ for a year!  It has been a ton of fun working with him and seeing his skills and knowledge continue to grow and benefit our clients.  If you want to give him a shout out (or send him your congrats/surprise for being able to deal with me for an entire year), shoot him an email at jeremy@sharpguyswebdesign.com.

Team Stuff

Jeremy and I have been fortunate to play quite a bit of tennis this summer.  Would anyone be interested in playing some doubles at some point?  Reach out and let’s make it happen!

Other Stuff

Know anyone that would benefit from the inane content I write in these newsletters?  Forward it on to them and see if they want to subscribe.  Missed an older newsletter (I’ve been doing these off and on for years), take a look at the archive.

My buddy and seriously smart guy Robby Slaughter has a new book coming out soon called The New Science of Time Management.  If you are anything like me, time management is one area it may be useful to pick up a tip or two – fingers crossed it has details on how to listen to a podcast, binge a new show on Netflix and read a book all at once.  Sign up to join me and Jeremy at the book launch party on September 4th!

And yes, if you are wondering, the story about the ball in the tree is all too true – except the getting it down part.  It is still up there and likely will be until the darn tree falls down in 80 years.

Thanks for reading!


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