We are just days away from one of the fastest growing holidays in the holiday economy (did I just make that term up?) – Halloween!  Everyone loves to dress up, dress their kids up, dress their pets up, and dress their yards up – the Sharp’s included.  But what you may not know is that Halloween used to require dancing in order to receive candy.


Now THAT is something I think we can all agree is a shame to have been lost.

3 Digital Marketing Tools I am Incredibly Excited About 
In fact, I’m so excited that I am sharing them without my typical Payola fee.
  1. Dasheroo
  2. Crystal
  3. Hotjar
With these 3 tools you can use data to generate more sales and leads (Dasheroo), better connect with the people you work with or want to work with (Crystal) and analyze what is going well/wrong on your website (Hotjar). I would highly recommend anyone try them that is working to be awesome at both work and life.  You’ll look awesome at life because analytical thinking is widely regarded as a sign of someone really cool and awesome (source?).

The Work
Even though the sun has set on summer, we are still basking in the glow of some work that has
recently gone live.  One of my favorites is CPI.  This 62 year old Indianapolis-based company provides an array of products for companies like Beck’s and Dreyer & Reinbold, organizations like INDOT and the Indianapolis Airport Authority, and municipalities throughout the midwest.

Please Read This Stuff
I wrote a TON of words this month.  Some of them made it into the posts below.

Other Stuff

If you missed this B2B Marketers of Indiana meeting this month (you missed an AMAZING lunch at Ruth’s Chris) but are interested in networking, pizza or learning, you should really come to our next meetup on November 18th – the first time you come to a B2B Marketers of Indiana meeting is free!

As always, thanks for reading!  – Cody

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