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At Sharp Guys we have a number of repositories with stock photos we can use for clients. I wouldn’t say I’m a stock photo connoisseur (well I would, but only in private as I’m too humble to brag about my Stock Photo Expert Certificate).  Sometimes I’ll come upon stock photos that are a part of a series and whether intended or not, they generate stories in my head for what was going on in the life of the stock photography subjects.  Today I came upon a series of 2 people and decided to make a short script/video and tell their story the way only stilted, poorly edited movie magic can. Enjoy!

In other news, I switched to a standing desk here recently as I heard they can be helpful for a sore back. I have to say, standing is a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. Of course, if my 18 year old self saw me write something that set such a low physical fitness bar, I would hope they would have done whatever was necessary to prepare its 36 year old self to be in better shape.  But alas, my 18 year old self was pretty selfish and wouldn’t have given it nearly as much thought as it should, which is why it kept running up the tab on credit cards for my 25 year year old self to take care of. And knowing my 25 year old self, I would have thought about doing more exercise but decided not to because I didn’t want to miss out on pizza and beer night, plus my 25 year old self heard that my 26 year old self was going to start exercising a lot more.  So in the end, my 36 year old self has no one to blame but a bunch of versions of me. But no worries, my 36 year old self heard that 2019 will be easier to get back into standing shape.

Our Work

Wow, what a month!  We were able to get a bunch of new client websites live and one of our favorites was the newly re-branded Indianapolis Medical Society.  The IMS, an organization that has been around for physicians in the Indy area for 170 years, was amazing to work with. You should take a look at their new branding and if you are an Indy-area physician, I hope you are part of the organization. They really have some cool membership stuff planned in the coming year.


With some extended family time coming up soon and a 2019 full of new adventures right around the corner, this time of year truly is exciting.  I hope that each and every one of you has an amazing end to 2018 and a great start to the new year.

As always, thanks for reading.




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