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I’ve always heard that people get their best ideas in the shower.  While I enjoy showers, as far as I can remember I have never had even a small epiphany while showering which seems like a total rip off.  Here I am (I mean that in the figurative sense, I’m not literally showering currently or I wouldn’t have the idea for this newsletter), having water sprayed all over me and not a single idea pops in my head.  But I’ve recently realized my ideas don’t come from H20 being propelled by an otherwise idle shower head but in the form of another occasionally animated object – the lawn mower.

See, when I’m mowing, my mind is finally free to go to all of the places it normally does not. Which is why with the end of mowing season upon us, the likelihood of me coming up with any ideas falls precipitously. Just a heads up to folks that my December newsletter may involve me writing about things I see as I’m writing which likely will not be my best work.  This laptop is really interesting…  Have you ever noticed that your hands…

And with literally no segue at all except for this very line about segues, I present you with this thought. With Halloween over, pumpkin is again relegated to simply being included for color balance on a horn of plenty.  I am reminded that there is a reason for variety being the spice of life and not pumpkin – a little bit goes a long way.  This is also true of cucumber, sriracha, and political ads.

Our Work

Of all of the client website launches we have had, this one is the one that I never expected.  For 3 years while working at Delivra, I drove past asphalt company Harding Group’s large silo-type things. Those Rock Silos (a technical term I just coined), have soared over 96th street in Indianapolis iconically and now soar over some elements of their new website.  The friendly folks over at Harding were wonderful to work with and nearly 60 years after their founding, continue to make their mark throughout Indiana and the surrounding states.


I saw a kid dressed as a giant inflatable pineapple and another as Colonel Sanders (light blue suit, white hair, and bucket for chicken) yesterday.  Awesome.

Go out and vote but don’t vote using straight-party ticket.  In Texas you may vote for the exact opposite of who you intended to and in Indiana, you’ll be accused by me of being lazy.  Vote for whoever you want to, but voting should not require a one click ‘Buy Now’ Amazon button – put a few seconds of effort into it.

As always, thanks for reading!


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