Update 5/3/18 – Unfortunately DemandForce has removed even the workaround I used 3 years ago and described below.  They are truly pitiful and don’t even have a timeline for this most basic of functions.

If you are a web developer and/or a lead generation person and you run across DemandForce, this may be helpful as of today’s date (10/8/2015).  In previous versions of the DemandForce, they provided an embed widget that offered the ability for their embedded form to return to another page on your website after someone submitted a form.  This made it easy to set up Google Analytics goal conversion tracking – a MUST HAVE for anyone that wants to see how and why they are bringing in leads.  Their new version of their embed widget no longer offers the ability to have a page return to a different page on your website – this functionality was apparently removed in lieu of…nothing. Their documentation has not been updated to reflect this nor do they have any other way of easily tracking conversions within Google Analytics. Perhaps then, their software reports on this information – nope, it doesn’t. So basically they had useful functionality but removed it. If you are like me, trying to find out why their documented return page variable, d3cp_appt_returnpage is not working, then this is for you.

The chat I had with the initial rep was unfortunately worthless as the poor guy didn’t have any technical expertise. I was passed off to their product team who wasn’t in the office yet and was to give me a call. Once they did give me a call, something great happened.  They told me that the functionality I was looking for was no longer supported but that they could ‘revert’ my embed code functionality back to the way it used to be.  Props to their original support person giving me a call back later the same day and getting this done.  Once they had reverted things back to the way it was previously, suddenly the thank you page I had created using the d3cp_appt_returnpage worked!  I was ecstatic.  The only issue is that the older embed form lacked some of the prettiness of the new embed form so I had to do some custom CSS changes which I gladly did.

So if you come across DemandForce, skip the hassle of trying to go through all of their documentation and testing to see why this isn’t working.  Give them a call and ask them to revert your embed code back to the one they used to use so you can properly track lead generation within Google Analytics.  Good luck!




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