Hey gang, If you are a business owner or marketer with a physical location that is struggling due or with some time on your hands and looking to do more online, this could be beneficial. It is pretty common for folks to have questions about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business that they need help with. I don’t know much but I know a lot about these things.  If you need help setting them up, getting them to work, and understanding how to look at the data and know what it means, these videos are intended to help.

On the first video I recorded, I did 20 minutes on how to set up Google My Business using best practices to ensure you have the highest likelihood of being found within local search. It should be useful for a beginner up to an intermediate user. You can watch it here – https://bit.ly/2QFKwCy

Here’s another I did for Google Analytics – this one is for beginners to intermediate users trying to set up and find value in Google Analytics. It is about 20 minutes. https://bit.ly/2vICotD

Finally, I have pulled together an 18 minute video on Google Search Console again made for beginner to intermediate level folks.  Enjoy! – https://bit.ly/2wyg1HP 

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