Hey gang,

It seems like yesterday since I last sat down and wrote one of these expansive random emails to the nearly 500 of you that receive it but it wasn’t, it was 8 months ago.  8 months of pent up dumb words are flowing through my head so bear with me as I release some lexiconic energy.

A while back I decided to coach my daughter’s softball team.  This wasn’t just a random choice.  I had been an assistant coach for years and the previous year, my daughter’s Head Coach was something less than good.  For example, on the last game of the year, he asked if anyone else could pitch (his daughter normally pitched every game but she ran out of innings she was allowed to pitch).  Not ever learning the rest of the girls’ names (after 10 weeks), he simply pointed at one and with expertly stated softball knowledge, he said (as an impolite stranger may say to a person with a javelin), ‘You there. Go throw.’  So to save at least a portion of the youth from that level of managerial ambivalence, I took the step of becoming a Head Coach.

Now for all of you thinking there is fame and fortune in being a 12 and under softball coach, that’s just what I used to think, but it seems, we are all wrong.  Instead there are a lot of emails to write, practices to schedule and reschedule, weather to watch and discuss, occasionally games, and ‘discussions’ with umps when they don’t call multiple foul balls despite the sound of the ‘ding’ being heard several miles away.  But it hasn’t been bad – despite mistakenly learning all of the girls’ names the first time I met them (sorry to break the mold Head Coach from last year), I have also learned I enjoy being a part of a team that is constantly improving.  We had 3 girls that had never played this year at all and each of them have become so much better.  To be honest, it has been a ton of fun (albeit as I mentioned before, includes less fame) to be a small part of their growth.

Did You Hear?  We Grew Recently

So with softball fresh in my mind, I started to take seriously the idea of growing the Sharp Guys’ team as well.  And auspiciously we found two of the best candidates any company could have ever asked for.  We began with an intern,

The Work

Guys it has been so long since my last email, I could tell you about more than a dozen great web design projects.  So how can I pick just one?  Easy, I have a list ordered by most recent, I will simply pick the last one (which coincidentally is an awesome one!).  

One more thing, these guys are seriously inspiring to me as a business owner.  Here is their mission – 

‘We paint homes with a purpose. Our purpose is to Love our Neighbors:

For every paint project purchased this year, we are averaging 47 meals purchased, packed, and delivered into our community in Central Indiana. Some of our employees deliver the meals to homes every Friday. Our goal is 50,000 meals per year. Our mission is to end hunger and food instability.’

Wow.  Definitely makes me want Sharp Guys’ to take a more active part in our community.

Other Stuff

This has been fun to write and though it likely has been a chore for  to read, you’ve made it.  So with the hard work done, it is time to relax and check out this article showing a butterfly sipping moisture from puddles, sculpted entirely in wood.  I assure you, you will be amazed.

As always, thanks so much for reading.  Please reach out sometime soon.


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