Discover What Sets Us Apart

Discover What Sets Us Apart

What Makes a Sharp Guys Website Different?

What Makes a Sharp Guys Website Different?

In the video below, Cody Sharp, the owner of Sharp Guy’s Web Design, compares a typical, outdated business website to what Sharp Guys offers.

Increase your editing speeds by up to five times

Never worry about writing any code again

Level up your web game 

  • Out with the Old: Unveil the secrets of a dusty WordPress site. Imagine Vertex Industries, a fictional company with a real-world problem. Learn why sticking to the status quo can doom your digital presence.

  • Hello, User-Friendly:  We have solutions here at Sharp Guys. Our websites are like your friendly neighborhood. With a few clicks, you’ll be the master of updates, with no coding skills required.

  • Client Training: We spill the beans on our secret sauce: screen capture tutorials. Get ready to explore your new website like a pro with our training. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to empowerment.

  • Designs that Dance: Ever wanted your website to do the cha-cha with your style? Sharp Guys’ designs are the dance partners you’ve been waiting for. Adjust colors, and ensure mobile magic – it’s all in your hands.

  • Safety First: Worried about making changes? Don’t be. Cody reveals our safety net: previews and automatic backups. No more sweaty palms when trying new things.

How We Solve Two of your Biggest Headaches

At the heart of our design arsenal lies Avada’s exceptional website builder. Say goodbye to wrestling with tricky columns and mobile mess-ups! Crafting captivating designs shouldn’t mean wrestling with complexities – Avada streamlines this process, enabling us to effortlessly create dynamic column arrangements that resonate with your brand’s identity. And guess what? Avada takes the stress out of mobile testing. Your site stays drop-dead gorgeous on every device. With Avada, we turn headaches into harmonious design experiences, paving the way for your online success.

Changing Columns

Mobile Testing

Why Us? The Sharp Guys Difference!

Coding, Schmoding

Say bye-bye to coding nightmares. We build sites where updates are a breeze. You’re the boss of content and layout – no tech wizardry required.

Your Personal Coach

It’s like getting your own website coach. With every new site, SharpGuys serves up a custom training video just for you. You’ll be a web whiz in no time.

Style Chameleons

Flexibility? Check. Our designs are like chameleons, adapting to your every whim. Change colors, and optimize for mobile – it’s a digital makeover at your fingertips.

It’s All Yours

When we’re done, it’s your site, no strings attached. We’re not here to tie you down. Your digital kingdom, your rules.

We Get You

We’re not just web nerds. We specialize in B2B, manufacturing, services, and nonprofits. We speak your language and understand your unique needs.

Updates Stress-Free

We have your back with a backup plan. Previews and automatic backups mean fearless updates. It’s like a safety net for your online masterpiece.

Ready for Digital Bliss? If you’re tired of the digital doldrums, it’s time for a revolution. Connect with us now and discover how Sharp Guys Web Design can turn your online presence into a showstopper that’s as functional as it is fabulous. Let’s make web magic!

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