Designing a website can be as daunting as baking cookies with children. A typical website design process may last several months, so it’s crucial to ensure consistent progress towards a visually appealing, on-brand, and functional website that generates leads and engages visitors. At our Indianapolis website agency, we’ve developed a highly iterative and communicative web design process. We consistently seek your feedback to create a high-quality finished website. In this blog post, we’ll discuss our process and how it incorporates ongoing weekly feedback.

Before diving into the web design, we complete our unique sales process with you, which will also be discussed in an upcoming blog post. We create a document listing every feature you desire in the new design, and we note the general aesthetic and websites that you and your team like. With this information, we create an initial draft design of the homepage using WordPress in the first week, eliminating the need for lengthy wireframe periods or mockups.

Once we have the rough draft, we share a screen capture video explaining our thought process, the current status, and request your team’s feedback. We also provide high-definition screenshots for easy commenting. Although the content and imagery are placeholders at this stage, one question matters more than any other: “Has this design moved us in the right direction or should we take a step back?”

Week after week, we use your feedback to incrementally build the website’s structure, layout, and aesthetic, ensuring we get the early foundation right before developing interior pages.

For those new to this process, its free-flowing nature might seem intimidating. Some clients prefer knowing specific deadlines for materials or feedback, and they seek milestone dates and stringent criteria. Our Indianapolis website agency is adaptable to our clients’ needs, making sure they feel comfortable throughout the process.

While we believe this web design process has proven successful across the 200+ projects we’ve completed since our inception (you can read some client testimonials here), it might be helpful for you to hear about the experience directly from our clients. We’re always happy to provide references for potential clients who would like to contact them.

We hope this blog post offers a clear overview of our web design process. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Indianapolis website agency, please feel free to reach out today.

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