Like baking cookies with children, designing a website can be a daunting task. Generally lasting several months from start to finish (the website process, hopefully not the cookies), you want to make sure that you are consistently moving in the right direction, your finished website looks great, is on-brand, and has all of the functionality you need to generate leads and engage your visitors. That’s why our web design process is set up to be super iterative and communicative. We never go long without asking for your feedback and thoughts, and in this blog post, we will discuss our process and how it allows us to take ongoing weekly feedback and turn it into a quality finished website.

Of course, before we even begin the web design, we would have already gone through our sales process with you. That process, also being unique, has a blog in the works as well. Besides creating a document that lists every feature you are looking for within the new design, we also listened and made note of the type of design you are looking for including the general aesthetic and websites that you and/or your team like. With that information in hand, the first week of the web design process has us create an initial draft design of the home page using WordPress itself, meaning there’s no need for lengthy wireframe periods or mockups.

With this rough draft ready, we’ll pull together a screen capture video going through where we are, our thought process on how we got there, and request your team’s feedback. Besides the screen capture video detailing the general structure and color scheme, we will also provide high-definition screenshots that can be marked up for easy commenting. While the content and imagery are just a filler at this point, we have one question that matters here more than any other, ‘has this design moved us in the right direction or should we take a step back?’.

Week after week, we take your feedback and incrementally build out the website structure, layout, aesthetic, etc. all based on the previous considerations and your feedback. We make sure to get the early foundation of things right before moving on and building out interior pages.

For some folks that haven’t gone through a process like this before, the free-flowing nature of the above process can be scary. They want to know exactly when we’ll need their material or feedback, and they want milestone dates and stringent criteria. You’ll find we are quite adaptable to the needs of our clients and do our best to make them comfortable.

And while we think this web design process has worked well over the 200+ projects we’ve done since we started (you can read some client testimonials here), it may be valuable for you to reach out to our clients and get a feel for what the process was like working with us from their point of view. For any potential client that would like doing so, we’re always happy to provide references they can contact.

We hope that this blog post gives you a good overview of our web design process. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions you may have.

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