If you looked around the website, you know that we are some folks living in and around the Indianapolis area that enjoy doing website design. But we also provide ongoing WordPress maintenance for our clients. Most of the companies that do this kind of thing outsource this task to other international agencies or automated services. We don’t do that, and I want to tell you why because it’s important.

Being efficient is something that we are very big on at Sharp Guys Web Design. As a small team of people, we try to make everything we do as efficient as possible so we can reduce costs for ourselves and for our clients. But we don’t automate any of the updates we make for clients that are part of our ongoing maintenance program. Why? Because when it comes to automating those types of updates, there is far more risk than there is reward.

WordPress plugin and theme updates routinely cause issues. This can be due to a variety of reasons, but manual oversight of updates is absolutely essential to make sure that websites don’t go down for an extended number of hours. That’s why, when we do updates to our ongoing maintenance clients, we are literally doing them ourselves and doing the websites one at a time. If any issues arise, we can work to resolve them instantly. For us, it’s all about making sure our clients look good, and when it comes to an online presence, nothing looks worse than your company’s website being down.

Speaking of websites being down, as part of our ongoing WordPress maintenance subscription, we also monitor our client’s websites continuously. Every 3 to 5 minutes, we have software look at a website to make sure that it is up and working, and if it goes down, we are notified and can begin getting to work on the website’s hosting issues. Since we don’t require a specific company to use for hosting (we are host agnostic but can make recommendations if you wish), we will work with whoever you have chosen as your host to get things back up and working quickly.

Of course, we also provide an hour of web design work each month as part of our maintenance. Send us over a list of things that need changing, and we will knock them out insanely quick. One testament to this fact is that during the nine years we have offered ongoing maintenance, less than 5% of clients have left ongoing maintenance after they joined.

In short, we work our butts off to make sure that you get what you need done as quickly as we can possibly do it. If you need someone who cares about your website as much, or even more than you do, reach out today or sign up directly online for ongoing WordPress maintenance.

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