Answer these 2 questions –

  1. How many dollars have you spent this month on digital marketing (email, pay per click, SEO, social media, etc)?Breaking_Bad_logo
  2. How many leads/dollars of revenue do you know have come from these efforts?

Knowing the answer is $0 of revenue and/or 0 leads DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DOING A BAD JOB. The important thing is that you KNOW.  Now you can change tactics to something that is more effective.

If you aren’t tracking this type of information in Google Analytics and/or your CRM, how can you wisely spend your digital marketing budget? Are you going on a gut reaction like some kind of TV cop character? “Spencer, I just have a feeling in my gut we’ll find the killer at the warehouse…” In digital marketing, gut feelings are out; testing is in.  Don’t worry if I just ‘called’ you a bad marketer – just because you need to work on this stuff does not make you a chronic bad marketer, you can fix this acute problem fairly quickly.

Here’s a few resources on the how to track digital marketing campaigns, why you want to, and whether you can afford digital marketing at all.

Guys, I know that it takes time and expertise to set up this kind of lead gen tracking and that it can feel untenable, but just remember how much easier KNOWING will make it when it comes to retaining and increasing your marketing budget going forward.  If you need help setting this stuff up once and for all, read about our ongoing website analysis and give us a call.

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