Image of Jeremy using montage-type training as part of our web design learning.

Hi, I’m Jeremy Butcher, the Digital Marketing Manager here at Sharp Guys Web Design.

Okay, now that we’re done with introductions, let’s jump right into talking about some serious digital marketing and web design elements that will exponentially help you… I’m just kidding, this specific blog isn’t much about ‘serious’ digital marketing and web design elements, as much as it is about me; Jeremy, we met earlier, and how I went from being an Intern here at SGWD to the Digital Marketing Manager.

I started working with Cody in April of this year after he had created a job posting searching for an intern that could assist with digital marketing and most of all WordPress web design.  In the months leading up to this posting, I had been diligently working through independent classes on a website called Udemy, in these exact skills and traits Cody was looking for.  I remember when I saw this post I thought, “Well, this is ideal.”  Numerous things about the post called me to apply.  The posting stated you didn’t need to be in college to apply, which worked out great for me, because I was not (as I had graduated several years before).  It also stated the ideal candidate would need to be self-sufficient as this would be a remote gig.  This also worked out great for me because I had a full-time job at the time and I thought if I could weave this into my day, I could easily do both.  So I applied, and just a few short hours later, Cody and I set up a time to speak and just a few short days later, Sharp Guys’ had a new part-time intern!

In the months following, I used my teachings, and a LOT of training from Cody, to assist with the design and layouts of numerous websites, none of which I would have access to had I not been offered this role.  I knew I was in the best place possible with this internship and as great as it was going, I knew Cody wanted something more frequent and permanent at the end of this summer.  So, when he offered me a full-time position at the end of July to become his Digital Marketing Manager, I could not have been more thrilled with the opportunity that I had worked so hard for.  In just 6 months, I had gone from independent classes, to intern, to Digital Marketing Manager…  Un-be-lievable!

The Work

This is the part where I should actually talk specifics about my job.  Cody and I just completed a project for an awesome legal-risk management company out of the Plainfield area named LLRMI.  We had the privilege of working with a fantastic team over there to assist in redesigning their website, and are continuing our relationship with them by providing on-going monthly maintenance.  Check out their beautiful new website and if you are in the need for their services, that’d be perfect too!

Other Stuff

Now that you’ve learned something about me, I want to tell you something I recently learned.  Football season is getting underway while baseball season is winding into the postseason. Recently I was discussing with a few individuals their fantasy teams and the potential of taking home some moola, and it got me thinking, ‘how much do the companies hosting the leagues and teams make?’  Well, to put it bluntly and with capital letters…A TON!  According to, the entire fantasy sports market was worth 7.22 billion U.S. dollars!

Note to self: put together a proposal to Cody for Sharp Guys to create and host fantasy sports website and ask for revenue sharing.  

In closing, I am excited to be part of the Sharp Guys’ team and look forward to working with you on your next project.

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