Hey gang,

Have you ever needed to go out to your car and grab something really quick – maybe you forgot your wallet or headphones or sunglasses?  No point in grabbing my keys, you think (rather smugly), I always leave the car unlocked.  With a knowing pull of the handle you whip the door open.  But no!  To your shock, you find the car door locked tight.  One by one, you casually and increasingly desperately begin trying all the other doors thinking there must be some mistake, but the only mistake it seems was yours.

Dejected, you trudge back inside to push the remote unlock button on your nearby keys and wait for the sound of the locks disengaging on the car – a sound you know only for its ‘unlocked-ness’.  You confidently strut back out, very sure of yourself due to the nature of the unlocked-ness, only to be thwarted – somehow this auto-demon’s doors have stuck tight and betrayed you once again.

Anyway, that kind of thing happens to me all of the time.  And after years of wondering, now I know why.  No, it isn’t because I’m too optimistic.  No, it’s not because I’m too sure of myself.  No, it isn’t because I never learn and repeat my dumb behaviors over and over.  It is because…someone is messing with me.  They must have a duplicate version of my car remote and every time I go out there, they lock the door – unless it is raining, and then they roll down the windows too for good measure.  I hope you don’t have anyone terrorizing you like this – it’s rough as I’m always being made to feel like I’m the crazy one.  But I know the truth now and I’m going to find them, even if it means continuing to try opening my car doors without bringing my keys.

The Work

Despite all of the excess runs I’ve made back into the house to get my keys; the Sharp Guys’ team has also been staying busy working on a bunch of websites and digital marketing.  With so many conferences cancelled this year, companies have been looking to generate leads online and we have been fortunate to work with many companies where online lead generation works well.  Lead-gen can be hard to visualize so here’s one of our favorite new websites of 2020.  If you haven’t heard about the amazing work local autism clinic Bierman ABA is doing, check them out.

Other Stuff

Recently for the first time in 6 months, all 3 of our kiddos were back in school/daycare in real life, not just virtually.  I have to say, that was a good day.

Ten weeks ago, my wife Christine tore her ACL, MCL (really – all the ‘Ls’), and her meniscus while playing tennis.  Like Rod Woodson’s same season comeback during the NFL season in 1995, she has been super inspiring to see the crazy amount of progress she has made in just 5 weeks since her surgery.  She probably won’t be playing in the Super Bowl this year, like Woodson did in Super XXX that year, but that also means she won’t be losing the Super Bowl, like he did that year as well.

Stay safe and well my friends and thanks for reading,


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