Does your company need email marketing consulting?  We have more than a decade of experience using email marketing software to generate engagement, leads and sales.  Below is an example of email pricing we recently put together for a client.  They had done email marketing but weren’t sure what was wrong/weren’t getting much out of it.

The first month setup would include:

  • Research previous mailing campaigns to see what things worked/what things do not.
  • Create a mobile friendly email design based on their branding/content needs.
  • Sign up for and monitor competitor’s newsletters to see what kinds of things they are sending.
  • Create an email strategy based on the client’s top persona, discuss with client and implement that strategy in their email system.  This would include a drip campaign strategy for clients.
  • Set up Google Analytics tracking to track the efficacy of email
  • Provide monthly ongoing analysis of the program in the form of a 5-10 minute screen capture video detailing what we are seeing from the email program and what changes we suggest/can implement to make the campaign work better going forward
  • If the client has WordPress, we will set up a simple popup opt in that will feed directly into their email client.

Afterwards, each month would be $1,000 a month for one new content piece, ongoing analysis of the previous month’s email campaigns (what worked, what didn’t) and strategy improvements based on data/testing.  The client would provide additional email content for the drip campaign or we would create additional content emails for $350/each (client provides images).  As part of the $1,000, we will do a split test subject line email send to 10% of your email audience.  We would pick a winner based on engagement rate.  Then we would send a subsequent email to the 90% of your list.  Finally, 2 or 3 days later, we would send another send to the people that did not open the previous mailing.  This will often use a different subject line catered to people who did not open/see the previous email.

Companies interested in email marketing consulting generally fit into one of the below areas:email marketing consulting

Never have done email marketing 

These companies often have never sent so they don’t know the power of email.  Best fits for an email campaign are:

eCommerce companies – these are naturally an exceptional fit for email marketing and have a proven ROI.

Manufacturing/.industrial companies – these companies need to stay in front of their distributors/partners/etc.  They often have large lists of people but no one sending to them.  Staying top of mind often leads to budget.

Tougher  fits – companies that have no list – very new companies or companies that have a horrible, spammy list.  While they can do email as well, there will need to be substantial resources set aside to create an organic list.  Purchasing a list should not be considered for a variety of reasons and working with a spammy list is worthless and a waste of time.  While it isn’t easy to built out a natural email list, the benefits can be substantial.

Have emailed but not happy

These companies may not believe email is as valuable as something else based on their own results.  However, it should be easy to tell if these folks are using best practices.  Are they using Google Analytics tracking to see how much traffic comes via email?  Are they tracking conversions within their email platform/Google Analytics?  Are they using segmentation/split testing to increase engagement from their email audience?  Are they sending regularly to a good list of people?  Are they sending out mobile friendly emails?  40% of all email is not opened on mobile devices and often this number reaches 70% in some markets.  Is their website mobile friendly?  Are they trying to hard sell people with their content or do they have a voice that will be more consultative and interesting?  Are they speaking to their personas or are they speaking to people that may not exist on their email list.  Are they sending to people at the right time of their buying process or are they sending to everyone the same message?

Currently email list and are okay continuing to do it

These people often need to look at the same items as the folks above.

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