Hello readers – two random things –

Recently I was at a presentation where I learned that the average cereal eater was 25-60 years old and male.  The average time of the grain infusion – 10 PM! Capn’ Crunch and I have so many lost years to make up for and no matter what my wife says, I now have proof that cereal is an adult’s dinner.

I was chatting with a friend last week and I realized that they had ran more during the last week than I had in the previous decade combined.  Right then and there I made a commitment to a huge life change, something that would really make a difference.

Now, in front of the entire email list I will reaffirm my declaration. I, Cody Sharp, promise to run as much over the next 10 years as my friend did during the last week.  I figure if I can run a block per month, I’ll be on pace for hitting the mark.  I know it will be hard but summer gives me a good start as there are a limited number of ice cream trucks on the road these days – sometimes a short run is required to catch one (looking for a place to buy those wooden ice cream cup sticks?).

The Work

Recently we finished work on a brilliant local company’s website, dotStaff.  The new website got a huge leg up when the dotStaff team sent over a really cool background video for the home page. You can check out the effect on the site.

dotStaff is a SaaS that is utilized by municipalities and other organizations to manage thousands of service providers contracts (it also does a lot of other things).  Since the website is used by both potential clients and current clients, we had to make sure everyone could find what they were looking for right away.  I think the end result came out great and was a direct result of fantastic communication by the dotStaff team.


Other Stuff

Marketing and Margarita’s is Thursday the 23rd at the One American building.  It is $10, there will be drinks and tacos.  Join us!   Thanks for reading along.  I kept this one short and sweet but the next newsletter will be a long, slow, bitter slog – fair warning!


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